Financial Acquisitions Management

Skilled with developing an Acquisition Plan that includes acquisition guidelines, which complies ideas and comments expressed by experienced program managers over the past few years at a variety of forums, meetings, and conferences. Our Acquisition Guidelines document provides our client partner with the program manager and the integrated product team (IPR) with suggested contractual language that could be used to prepare a request for proposal (REP) or to modify an existing contract to include cost effective practices. Our acquisition team acquires large and complex procurement by using the Source Selection Process.

We start the process with planning for source selection, and as soon as possible after a need to acquire products or services has been identified, an acquisition strategy meeting will be held. Our process consists of key steps: With our proven methodologies, we provide cost/price analyst support to provide cost and pricing assistance. Supporting tasks are: assisting in preparing and analyzing cost estimates to include generation of independent cost estimates, planned versus actual reports, as well as best value analyses. Other forms of analysis that will be used in performing cost and price analysis, and other procurement related assistance will be acquired by using tools such as earned value management and work breakdown schedule. 

Our team provides a full range of contract management services to our client partners in the area of, but not limited to, awarding and administering contracts of various complexities, assistance with Procurement Requests (PR) and Reimbursable Agreements (IAA), assists in preparation of the Performance Work Statements (PWS), invoice monitoring and processing, and contract closeout. We work closely with customers and contractors to assure quality and time performance, and a high level of customer satisfaction and utilizes various electronic and automated procurement systems in order to complete the procurement process.

The cornerstone of the 1st Choice theicial approach is our ability to act on and respond to the unique environments that exist in the contracting office at the FMCSA. By maximizing effective use of automated systems, we are able to provide management and administrative support at various organizational levels of government programs.