Indexing Digital Archiving

In today’s era of massive data growth electronic records organization is extremely crucial. 1st Choice is recognized as a trusted industry leader in delivering a portfolio of indexing and archiving solutions. Easy access to important information is critical to all organizations. The inability to quickly locate valuable data, reports, letters or records can cost both time and money. Document indexing and digital archiving are two services we provide that can cut that cost.

1st Choice has the experienced staff and powerful software to complete both jobs accurately and efficiently. Our team is very capable of converting a wide variety of formats such as typed, scanned or a handwritten original into the needed up to date format.

We input information from a variety of in-house or online sources. Our indexing and data archiving can be completed utilizing a variety of on/off-site options. We also have a network of partner companies who provide additional support for larger indexing and digital archiving projects.


By utilizing our effective and convenient indexing and data archiving services your organization will achieve improved performance while delivering more effective time management controls and lowering costs. Enabling you to spend your time and money driving business growth.