Legal Staffing Solutions

1st Choice provides outstanding legal staffing solutions by offering the highest level of professionalism, integrity and talent driven human capital.  We consult with law firms, corporate legal organizations and public sector legal departments to deliver “smart” legal staffing solutions and managed project services.

We provide dedicated teams of project management professionals, support attorneys and administrative professionals to streamline project requirement assessments, timely execute client directives, surpass deliverable expectations, and control complex litigation costs.

1st Choice infuses experience and process efficiencies into our service offerings to clients across the broad and diverse legal marketplace.  Our “client-first” strategy involves providing reliability, accountability, and a depth of legal project management and legal support staff to allow you to comfortably integrate our solutions into all aspects of your requirements.  Attorneys and paralegal professionals with a variety of bar certifications are available today.

  • Attorneys – Associates, Partners, Practice Groups, Corporate Counsel, Assistant/General Counsel, Patent Counsel, Chief Patent Counsel
  • Paralegals – Paralegals, Practice Managers, Case Assistants, Legal Assistants, Senior Paralegals, Paralegal Supervisors
  • Legal Support – Legal Secretaries, Receptionists, Floaters, Overflow, Word Processing, Secretarial Supervisors, Clerical (Data Entry, Mailroom)
  • Non-Legal Support – Human Resources Directors, Recruiting Directors, Lateral Hiring Coordinators, Administration Directors, Recruiting Coordinators

 Litigation Project Support

We offer experienced and committed project managers, assigned contract attorneys, staff accountants, paralegals, law clerks, legal assistants, and administrative staffing as a streamlined support solution for companies and law firms engaged in complex litigation.

  • Document Review
  • E-discovery
  • Investigation
  • Data Entry and Deposition
  • Research and Translation
  • Project Management Professionals
  • Project and Contract Attorneys
  • Litigation Liability Assessments
  • Customized Staffing Solutions
  • Smart Hourly Rates
  • Workload Surge Flexibility
  • Human Resource Cost Reduction
  • Multilingual Legal Staffing
  • Timekeeping and Back Office

 Outsourced Project Attorney Services

Our attorneys provide case law research, draft pleadings and contracts, document analysis, court appearances, expert witness interviews, litigation support team oversight, and local counsel services.