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U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Research Laboratory
Services Provided: Staff Augmentation
Period of Performance: 07/03/2007 – 07/03/2012
Place of Performance: Washington, DC; Monterey, CA; Stennis, MS, Chesapeake, VA
Human Resources Office, Workforce Development and Management, Code 1840

Scope of Work: 1st Choice provided temporary program and administrative support personnel to all NRL locations.

Quality Assurance

At 1st Choice, our quality assurance mission is meeting customer requirements and providing them with exceptional products and services while continuously improving our Quality Management Protocol.

1st Choice, LLC follows a detailed QA Program. As part of our processes, Account Managers and Project Leaders are required to regularly review, understand, and consistently apply the task order and program management information contained in the 1st Choice Quality Management Protocol (QMP). The QMP is derived from best practice examples on previous successful contract performances. Our QMP extracts from technical, programmatic, contracting, marketing and other best practices, all of which are utilized and instituted today within the 1st Choice organization.

We continually improve our processes by identifying and capturing new best practices within our organization and incorporating these newly identified best practices into the QAP. 1st Choice will continue to monitor and maximize quality for Seaport-e through compliance with our QAP, which requires that we rigorously comply with our documented best practices; perform quality review of our services before delivery; audit our quality performance with our customers, correct problems and provide feedback; and continuously improve our quality procedures by identifying, documenting and implementing best practices. 1st Choice, LLC assesses the risk of every service and we take great pride in our quality performance record.

1st Choice, LLC will use our Task Order life cycle management process for Seaport-e task orders. This process is currently being applied by 1st Choice, LLC on our active contracts and active task orders. Since 2001, 1st Choice as successfully applied this process to government contracts. 1st Choice will track each RFQ at receipt and provide real–time status. We will work internally to inform all departments concerning critical proposal or task status changes or milestones.


Renita Wilson, Vice President Sales and Marketing
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