Electronic Records Management

Electronic-records-management372x259Vital information is at risk of being compromised or lost on a daily basis. As such, 1st Choice will organize, scan, and digitally file your documents. We also have the capability to provide microfiche and microfilm scanning of your files to include aperture card scanning. We are specialists in imaging services and have the proven expertise to scan, digitize, process and archive collections, books, records and documents of all types. A thorough understanding of project goals, current technology and ultimate end-use are among the first considerations in creating a process that meets client needs. This also enables us to produce high-quality results.

Many organizations are now adhering to the Paperwork Reduction Act which requires Federal agencies to become more responsible and publicly accountable for reducing the burden of Federal paperwork on the public. Because manual tasks are being eliminated, processes are becoming more efficient and accurate. Our flexible and innovative document management solutions provide a full range of services for companies looking to reduce the time required to store and access their paper records. 1st Choice will redefine your productivity with our document imaging technology. From large format documents to small format documents, we scan your files on-site or off-site at a secure facility.

Large format documents, such as blueprints are the documents that identify where critical systems and utilities are located. Access to these documents can be crucial in a time of disaster. Small format files represent your intellectual property and none of these documents should be left unprotected. We will help you protect and have access to them via your very own online records center when and wherever you are.

1st Choice also provides an entire range of records management solutions to include secure on-site or off-site document facilities, data protection, retention compliance and certified destruction.